You and Your Children are being systematically hurt by the Secret Govt.

1. After intentionally increasing the global population so as to run as much reverse Metatronic  frequency through the Earth’s grids to realize their plan of dragging the Earth and its unsuspecting inhabitants into the fallen Phantom Matrix for quantum food, the Shadow Govt, now that this plan has been thwarted by the Guardian Alliance, wish to drastically reduce the Earth’s population from 7 billion down to 0.5 billion in line with their ‘New World Order’ dominion agenda.

2. The culling operation is a ‘slow kill’ process which not only fulfills the population reduction agenda, but makes the Elite more money in the process. This is because unhealthy people eat more junk food, smoke more cigarettes, drink more alcohol and buy and use more pharmaceutical and street drugs. Street drugs make an estimated 500 billion a year for ‘black projects’ for the Elite.

3. The masses have been lied to about the benefits of flouride for decades. Sodium flouride was first used by Hitler in the concentration camps to sedate the inmates. It is a bi-product of the aluminium industry and is a neuro-toxin which calcifies in the pineal gland. Known as the ‘third eye’ the pineal gland is responsible for higher spiritual perceptions and intuitions. The Satanic Elite are most anxious to prevent mass spiritual awakening at this time of increased solar activity and divine cosmic frequencies.

4.  Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in introducing  the neuro-toxin and artificial sweetener Aspartame into the food chain in 1983. By the following year there were reports of a significant increase in neurological disorders in countries where aspartame was being consumed. It is commonly added to diet drinks and many other products, including psychotropic drugs. Why is there a need to put an artificial sweetener in a tablet that is swallowed in one gulp?

5. The masses have been lied to about GMO’s. Part of the agenda is to make farmers buy new seeds every year because the GM crops do not produce new seeds. There are reports of drastic reductions in nutritional value in foods containing GMO’s as well as links to cancer along with them attacking the immune system.

5. Probably for over ten years now, the Shadow Govt. has been using your money to fly planes non stop around the world dumping millions of tons of chemicals, known as chemtrails, onto you and your children. Chemtrails have been found to contain aluminium oxide, barium and strontium, as well as biological material and nano-particulates of unknown origin and purpose. Part of their agenda is weather modification and control, in part to drive small farmers out of business so that Monsanto can buy them up cheaply. It is also thought that the human bio-electric system is turned into a super-conductor by barium so that the microwaves, now widespread in the environment, charge through the human organism frying brain cells in the process. It is also thought that the biological material in the chemtrails contains latent virus’s which weaken the immune system for now, and then can be activated at a later date for mass culling purposes. Running alongside all of this is a ‘transhumanism’ agenda which is about turning the human organism into part biology part machine. The idea seems to be to create different breeds of  modified humans for different purposes. Morgellans is a disease attributed to the pollutants in chemtrails; it is characterised by tiny fibres which grow out of the victims body. It is also thought that these nano-fibres, which are now growing in all of our bodies, can be utilised by the Elite for the purposes of increased mind-control.

6. We have also been lied to about the safety of mobile phones and mobile phone masts along with wireless internet and portable land-line telephones. All of this technology uses microwaves which are incredibly dangerous and carcinogenic. It is claimed by experts such as Dr Barrie Trower that many millions of people will suffer and die prematurely because of this technology. He also claims that the microwaves do permanent damage to the unborn foetus in pregnant women, damage that is irreparable and is then passed onto the next generations ad infinitum.

7. For generations we have lived with mercury amalgam fillings in our teeth imagining and believing that the good dentist would not do something that could be injurous to our health. Mercury is in fact highly toxic and over the years leaks out into our brains and bodies.

8. Parents are now expected to put their children through more and more vaccinations. And elderly people are encouraged to take the flu-jab each year. If there is an agenda to cull the masses, would this not be an ideal opportunity to weaken the herd? It is claimed that many vaccines attack the immune system due partly to the ingredient squaline, and the mercury that they are said to contain is maybe what is behind the epidemic in dementia?

9. How much money has been raised for cancer research over the last fifty years I wonder? And the best that the medical establishment can come up with is chemotherapy and radiotherapy?? After all of these years?? The truth is that the medical profession along with big pharma conspire to put anyone who promotes alternative remedies and cures out of business. The cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is about using barbaric, trauma based therapies on patients, which then warrants the purchase of very expensive medications to deal with this trauma. There are very effective natural cancer remedies but big pharma can not make much money out of them. Remedies like bi-carbonate of soda, mistletoe extract and hemp oil are just three which would cause a lot less damage than a blast of radiation which, in fact, attacks ALL cells in the body and not just the cancer cells.

10. Microwave and ultra-sound weapons have been used by the Elite on their enemies for many decades now. They have been focused on the inhabitants of foreign embassies and on the Greenham Common female peace camp protesters for eg. They have the technology to focus a laser beam from an orbiting satellite very accurately into any part of your brain, which in turn guides microwaves to that part in order to induce any mental disorder that they wish to induce: paranoia, anxiety, depression etc. They can induce aggressive forms of cancer as well as heart attacks in people who are troublesome. More and more people are coming forward claiming to be targets of these weapons.

11. Synthetic telepathy is a technology that can lock onto your energy fields, communicate with you and put thoughts into your mind. Solaris Blueraven claims that she is a victim of such technology and has written about it in her book ‘Eye of the Remote’.

12. Many thousands of people, mainly but not exclusively in America, have been subject to abductions both from Zetas (Grey aliens) and by the military. The Zetas are trying to save their race from extinction via a human/Grey hybridisation program. Many families have suffered multi-generational abductions and the accompanying fear and trauma. Zetas work in tandum with the Elite and commonly reside in the many D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases) around the world.

Of course, you shouldn’t take my word for anything; but since we live in a system that is rotten to the core, that puts profit before people and indeed, where the Elite apparently refer to the masses as cockroaches, nor can you trust anybody else where advice is concerned. Not Dr’s, teachers, politicians, lawyers, dentists….the time has come for each and every one of us to take complete responsibility for our own lives and for doing all of the necessary research before we make a decision in life.  Stop looking to ‘superiors’ and ‘experts’ who are in fact minions of the Satanic Elite. You are on your own now. Trust in yourself and do the right thing.

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