Kundalini Rising.

In February 2011 I had a spontaneous Kundalini experience. I did not realize that it was called such until I read about it a few weeks later. I was very spiritually focused at that time and it occurred when I was speaking to a woman that I loved and greatly admired on Skype. She is a Philipino/American lightworker called Maria Celeste Garcia who can talk about spirituality and Divine love in a most beautiful and sublime way. As she was talking I noticed that her words were leafing and flowering, leafing and flowering in my mind in the most extraordinary way. My hands came together naturally and independently in the prayer position and I felt that I was surfing on waves of Divine love. My frequencies rose and continued to rise to a peak and then gradually lowered slightly, and then rose to a peak once more. This cycle was repeated several times over a couple of hours. At one point, when I was at a peak of ecstasy, Maria moved close to her microphone and started singing to me. Normally this would have been wonderful, but it made me feel like my head might explode with the intensity of spiritual excitement that filled my joyous heart and mind.

The Kundalini energy resides at the base of the spine, in the tailbone, and is the same energy that, when excited, produces the sexual orgasm. The 3 embodied Kundalini currents are known as the Telluric, Doradic and Teuric currents. Each current is comprised of 3 dimensions of energy and conscious awareness and so the 3 currents, when activated, correspond to the first 9 dimensions of conscious awareness along with the first 9 strands within the Angelic Human DNA template. When all 3 kundalini currents are activated, the 4th current, the Primal Triadic current or Kee-Ra-ShA is activated. Activation of the Kee-Ra-ShA anchors the hydroplasmic beam within the body and initiates the process of Dimensional Ascension.

Umaa Tantra gives advice on how to optimise the chances of raising kundalini energies spiritually, which are as follows:

1. There needs to be increased vital energy or chi in the lower abdomen. This can be achieved through prana breathing techniques.

2. There needs to be amplified emotion so regular meditation with the intention of quieting the mind is not appropriate. Think about the love you have for your partner, for nature or for God. Just like a sexual orgasm, kundalini is activated with similar excitement and Divinely exciting thoughts.

3. Energy needs to be able to move through the CVC (central vertical column). Deep breathing and focusing on the seven primary chakras can achieve this,http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=NyazLDtn8K0

4. The body needs to be comfortable and relaxed. Energy need to be circulating all around the body.

5. You need to be persistant over a number of days or weeks into bringing to bear all of these requirements.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=yx8gKecXcAE

Good luck and may the love of God be felt within you always.

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