Beware the Agent Provocateur…the Elite Want Civil War.

The Elite are creating as much and as many social tensions as they possibly can for the purposes of creating civil unrest and civil war to legitamise bringing in Martial Law. Tensions between Muslims and the Christian west, between the ‘Sheeple’ and the ‘Truthers’, between indigenous populations and immigrants, between atheists and spiritual people, between ‘pro-life’ and pro-abortion, between social classes (‘respectable’ families against single mothers, rich against poor, liberals v conservatives for eg) …you get my point. All of these conflicts and more are reported and stirred up in the mass media every day.

The message needs to be spread NOT to take the bait! The way to start this process is to stop reading the Elite’s newspapers and magazines and to stop watching their TV.  They are called television ‘programmes’ for a reason. We are all in this together and our common enemy are those who wish to disempower us and enslave us. View with suspicion any voice which calls for violent uprising and/or revolution, whether it is against a social faction or against the Elite themselves. Such talk is designed to lower the frequency, exacerbate division and tension and should always be challenged. Take careful note of those who emit an angry and/or volatile and/or fearful energy in a particular field, whether it be in politics or in the Truth Movement, and contrast them with those who emit a loving energy and peaceful frequency. A person is not necessarily an asset to humanity’s best interests just because they are telling the truth about what is going on; it’s all about energy and frequency.

Mass meditation is a way to show unity, passivism and to simultaneously raise the collective mind and frequency. By loving each other and by running 12th dimensional Maharic current we can reset the Divine Blueprint and collectively raise ourselves out of the conflict drama that the Elite have steadfastly been moving us towards. ♥

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