The People’s Voice Trembles.

Interestingly, I have just heard David Icke on TPV critisise Russell Brand, saying…that Brand talks about wanting an egalitarian society “and then goes back to the Savoy!”. He went on to say that no major media personality had donated significantly to TPV. I can imagine this being depressing for David, but the truth is that no one is obliged to donate to TPV as David seems to be suggesting. As important as TPV may be, there are countless other sources of alternative news and info. and TPV is not an alternative news monopoly, nor should be so arrogant as to expect donations from Russell Brand or anyone else.

David went on, in now embarrassing, histrionic fashion, to basically imply that, if TPV fails then the public are to blame. I have to say, that if TPV fails, then David will need to look a bit closer to home where blame is concerned. Had he dealt with Sonia Poulton‘s questions in a mature fashion without going into a rage and resorting to making disrespectful statements about Sonia, as well as slating the “Poulton Groupies” then I think he would now be sitting in a more confident and credible position.

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