“I do consider KS a cult.”

“One of the things that I have reflected upon in the last few years is the seductive dynamics of being in a cult-like group.  And yes, I do consider KS a cult, among many others.
They prey upon two things, primarily.  First, the ego as you mention. The ego is easily seduced with being told it is special in some way, it has a special mission, it has special coding,  it is part of a select few who came here to save the planet..blah, blah blah.  
The  second seduction is far more insidious, as it preys upon a true desire to serve.  That desire to serve is then manipulated to serve the agenda of the cult leader.   Somewhere in the evolution of those dynamics, individual discernment erodes and is absorbed into group discernment (which of course is the agenda of the leader and whoever he/she happens to be serving) , and then it is just a step away from the kool aid. 
It is individual discernment that is most dangerous in a cult.  If individual discernment happens to appear, and that discernment is not in alignment with “group think”  the labeling, demonizing and ostracism happens swiftly and forcefully , as Erin Prophet described and those in KS have witnessed ad nauseam.  The agenda continues, just with a few less people 🙂
It has been a wonderful gift to see all of this firsthand. As you mention, it has led me to a deeper understanding of what is Kristic behavior, real self sovereignty and a deeper understanding of the Law of One.  While many cults seduce by giving lip service to the Law of One, their behavior is often completely the opposite.
May our individual discernment and connection to Source always prevail.
Source bless us, everyone.”

4 thoughts on ““I do consider KS a cult.”

  1. Mac was stripped of her speaker contract though, and not by any petty groupthink but by the Guardians themselves. So, hmm, I dunno what you’re getting at here.

    1. Does Mac losing her Speaker role mean that she is not entltled to make informed observations about KS? What I am “getting at” is that I have experienced the ‘group think’ and cliquey behavior within KS myself many times and I totally agree with what she says here.

      1. Of course she’s entitled to say anything she wants to, that’s the glory of will free.
        BUT….whether or not I would take it seriously is another thing. As someone who through her freewill choices betrayed the Krystic mission and was stripped of her title, I’d say I don’t have a lot of time for her opinion on matters ‘Krystic’, and that she obviously has an axe to grind. Are you still on board with E’Asha? I am, and the information and the techniques are incredible. We’re at a new dawn and there are a handful of us on earth who are awakened and able to truly soak up the immense blessing of the post dec 2012 teachings. I bare no one on the shied, (or ex on the shield) any ill will whatsoever and only want to grow in peace, love and harmony.
        I haven’t had any negative experiences with KS but that’s because i’m yet to attend a workshop. I’ve met one fellow KS’er by chance in person and I had probably the warmest and most intriguing conversation i´ve ever had with a ‘stranger’.
        I’m off to Sarasota in 2 months, i’ll let you know what I encounter there.

  2. You begin by questioning why I post a comment from mac…then agree that she is entitled to her position…then question again the legitimacy of her opinion…then say that you bare no one in or out of the shield any ill will. How am I to take someone who rambles and intellectually meanders like this seriously?

    I don’t mean to be rude. I say it as I see it. You ask me if I am on board with E’asha. I would say that it’s not about which speaker you are or are not aligned with. It’s about your relationship with yourself and with God that matters ultimately. This is actually something that Mother Teresa said. Perhaps you will berate me for aligning myself with the words of a canonised catholic?

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