Donald Marshall’s UK Interview: Clones, Parasited Hosts & Vril

Donald Marshall claims that there are ‘cloning centers’ in some of the D.U.M.B.S (deep underground military bases) around the world. He says that clones can be ‘replication’ (start as a baby and grow into an adult) or ‘duplication’ (grow straight away into a fully grown adult). He claims that the duplication clones are grown in tanks of water over 5 months. He says that a piece of a person’s bodily tissue was required to create a clone, but now all that is needed is a blood sample.

When a real person who has a clone at the cloning center enters REM sleep (about 90 mins after falling asleep) their consciousness is transferred into their clone in one of these centers. Donald claims that Queen Elizabeth’s clone along with other Royalty, wealthy tycoons and top celebrities are at the cloning centers and take part in all sorts of debauched behavior including murdering, raping and eating children.

Another aspect to this is the Vril Lizards who apparently have lived underground for millions of years. Donald says there are Type 1, 2 and 3 Lizards. Type 1 and 2 are short and unintelligent. Type 3 are 8 feet tall, are more intelligent and are the leaders. He says that the Vril Lizards have a proboscis on their foreheads which the ‘Eye of Horus’ symbol represents.

Apparently, once in their life they can send a biological cord out of their proboscis into and behind the eye of a human victim. They place parasitic cells into the brain of the host who’s own conscious self is then destroyed. The lizard also dies but is reborn in the human host, which is then called a Drone.

I have listened to several interviews with Donald about these matters and he is pretty consistent in what he says. However, he does say that the Vril lizards are the Annunaki and that Nibiru does not exist. The truth is though, that Nibiru is the home planet of the Annunaki and it has a 3657 yr orbit around our Sun so Donald is completely wrong about those points.

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