“Unity, The Dawn of Conscious Civilization”. Maitreya Ishwara

Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetans are blessed with compassion, intelligence and
playfulness. They are very beautiful people. Throughout
the past millennium Tibet has produced many buddhas.
Part of the key to their success is playfulness. They are
naturally innocent and childlike, plus they understand
tantra and respect the goddess.
Tibetans are largely free from the spiritual diseases of
piety and hypocrisy that plague most religions. And they
have developed a system of growth that works.
The whole country is involved in spiritual life. The monks
and nuns are respected and supported by everyone in
the community.
Lay people participate in rituals and worship. Novices
learn compassion and respect for all life. Initiates are
trained in the ultimate method of liberation – Dzogchen
meditation – the art of resting in contentless awareness.
The Chinese invasion and destruction of this sacred land
is one of the greatest crimes of the last millennium.
The positive effect has been to bring the wisdom of Tibet
to the West.
Tibetan Buddhism has become an important influence
on many spiritual people all over the world; it is flexible
and adaptable and has evolved in a tantric direction.
This is the key to its survival.
Osho was an awakened bodhisattva in the first stage of
enlightenment for his last 14 lives. His training with
Milarepa and other great Tibetan masters gave him the
understanding that flowered into his teaching of Zorba the Buddha.
His people wore the same maroon colour as Tibetan monks.
The flaw of Tibetan Buddhism is its monastic base. This
breeds repression, and dulls intelligence and creativity.
Monasteries tend to produce repressed, dull people. The
time of the monastery has passed.
Now it is time for a change.
The way of the future is the commune. The commune is
not repressive; it celebrates all the positive aspects of
life. The goddess and sensuality are consciously enjoyed
and valued. This creates the healthy foundation for the
mature spirituality whose time has finally arrived.
Tibetan Buddhism will flourish in the third millennium.
It will absorb the influences of Zorba the Buddha and
become a central pillar of Unity.
The religion of Unity is for everyone.
Unity’s central understanding is conscious merger with
the flow of life. Many Tibetans live this already.
Tibetan Buddhist training in compassion and respect for
all life is a sound basis for the new spiritual morality: Do
what you feel, without harming any creature.
The tragedy of Rajneeshpuram needs to be exposed and
healed. Osho’s dream was his new commune in America.
The reason it turned into a nightmare was that Source
wanted that to happen.
This is the conclusion that flows from understanding
that God is the one and only power. Yet the reasons why
are more complex, as every human event occurs for a
variety of interconnected reasons.
When we moved to the Big Muddy Ranch in central
Oregon we were a bunch of flower children from India.
We traded our sandals and robes for boots and pick-up
trucks. We were in the middle of John Wayne country,
redneck USA.
Soon the city grew and we all got high on creativity and
work. Meditation was something of the past from India.
Workwas paramount on the ranch; it was called worship,
and Sheela was the boss. She was also a megalomaniac,
a disturbed person who destroyed the commune.
Nearly everything that could go wrong did, mostly
through Sheela’s madness. She attacked and alienated
the neighbours. She collected one thousand homeless
people from the streets of America in a transparent
attempt to fix the local elections. She created a climate
of fear that led to her arming hundreds of meditators
with automatic weapons. She had Osho’s room and half
the commune bugged. She abused surrender so much
that Osho hardly ever used the word again. She ordered
murder to be attempted and much more.
Yet she is not to blame. Source bears full responsibility
for all tragedies, including Rajneeshpuram. Thousands of
beautiful people were hurt and lost everything when the
ranch closed. Rajneeshpuram was a great experiment in
creating a model commune, yet it failed to survive for
even five years.
Osho was arrested while trying to flee the country, and
four years’ hard work and a beautiful commune of 5,000
seekers evaporated overnight. Almost everything you
can think of that could go wrong did. And sadly it was all
necessary to balance the success of future communes.
The commune is the only practical way for seekers to be
total. It gives an integrated experience of meditation,
work and conscious living that is not otherwise possible.
Everyone works for creative expression and to balance
their practical needs with their energetic contribution.
All practical needs are taken care of by the commune.
Everyone is free to be total in their growth. Everyone is
respected equally, whatever their practical contribution.
Everyone is free to choose their own work and follow
their intuition about everything that affects only them.
Everyone is free to come and go as they please. Freedom
is one’s birthright, is the basic shared understanding.
The mistakes of Rajneeshpuram and all the other failed
communes will not be repeated.

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