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There Ain’t No Justice…Just Us!

It’s only when a person has been subject to criminality by the State…like attempted abductions, gang-stalking and harassment, along with a serious psychiatric assault upon his partner and collusion in child kidnap for eg…and then that person seeks justice…because our society is based on good values, like social justice, individual rights, fairness and decency…right?….its only when that person seeks justice, that they quickly see that what they thought that their society stood for is, and always was, a charade.

All of the people that this person assumed would take an interest in his horror story, his MP, his GP, the Police, the Police Commissioner, Social Services, newspapers, govt. tribunals etc….all are deaf to his pleas, all cover each others backs, all complicit in the crimes. Some hint that they believe in his story, that they know the truth…but still they lack the courage to come out and say so officially. Instead, the ‘official’ line is that this person’s complaints are ‘fanciful’…and that he has a ‘paranoid personality disorder.’ 

Hence forth, it doesn’t matter what officialdom ACTUALLY says, all this person hears them say is, ” there ain’t no justice….just us.”

Soldiering On!

I almost feel ashamed admitting that I have serious problems in my life (Jane in Hosp. and the recurrent gang-stalking etc.)….because the inherent drama and affliction says something quite unflattering about the state of ones own spiritual health. These things must be happening because of karma (past or future) and/or field-attachments must they not?

It doesn’t seem to matter how much spiritual work I do, and how high my frequency, there always seems to be a sinister presence in my life. Indeed, a Krystic friend even suggested that it maybe BECAUSE my frequency is high at times, that I am targeted. This may be the case, but if it is, what does it say about the law of attraction? Anyway….with gritted teeth, and singing the Song of Lyra to myself, I will soldier on!

Gang-Stalking Agenda

This video is quite clear about the agenda behind gang-stalking. If you are a ‘Targeted Individual’ like myself, then the PTB are trying to isolate you, turn your family and friends against you, they are trying to get to you mentally so that you maybe become violent and commit a violent crime and/or be sectioned into a mental hospital. They are trying to totally discredit you and, ultimately, to drive you, one way or another, to an early grave.

Miles Johnstone is a Hero of the UFO and Reseach Communities.

Miles Johnstone worked in pirate radio in Northern Ireland over 30 years ago and later went on to work for the BBC and for Sky Television. He claims that these organisations were taken over by non-human forces who have an anti-human agenda and use TV programmes and technologies for the purpose of mind control. Over a 20 year period he has been recording his ‘Bases’ series of interviews with people connected to the military, including James Casbolt, about D.U.M.B.s, psychic and paranormal phenomenon and advanced stealth technology; these interviews can be seen on his ‘Miles Johnstone’ You Tube channel. He has reported on the presence of a sentient black fluid which seems to have a pro-Earth agenda and will kill anyone who attempts to interfere with it. More recently he has worked with Joanne Summerscales on the AMMACH (anomolous mind management abductee contactee helpline) project, although, after the recent disastrous Channel 4 mockumentary about AMMACH and some of their witnesses (‘Confessions of an Alien Abductee’), he was asked to leave that organisation by Joanne. He has said that Joanne is a Reptilian who possibly has a dubious agenda. He was praised recently by Kerry Cassidy for his life long work in bringing hidden knowledge relating to UFO’s, Super Soldiers, psychic phenomenon and the military to the public’s attention.

Phil Schneider is a Hero of the Truth Movement.

Phil worked for 17 years as a geologist for the US govt. on the construction of D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases). He worked alongside aliens and with alien technology, including metals which are currently unknown to modern science. These included alloys containing elements from what in reality is a 144 element periodic table. He bravely went on a whistleblowing lecture tour in 1995 which cost him his life. He believed in freedom and the US constitution and wished to put an end to tyranny and treachery within the World Govt. which have a One World Order dominion agenda.