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About 9 or 10 months ago I was persuaded, after many months and even years of telephone calls from a forex education company called ‘Platinum Trading Academy’ to part with £3500 for a forex course. Yes I know….what was I thinking?? It was a disaster. I haven’t been able to think or talk about it until recently. This is the email of complaint I sent to the company:


My name is Steven Lloyd and about 8 months ago, after continual calls from Arron Upall over at least an 18 month period, probably longer, I paid £3500 for some sort of Forex course. The reason I say “some sort of” is because in recent weeks I have been looking at the course content of your courses and they bear no relation to the course that I did.

The course began badly with a guy called Russel. He was rude and condescending and I didn’t like him. I told Arron and he said that he himself would do the course with me instead. So, initially I was optimistic. Unfortunately, this feeling did not last long. Arron was almost as rude, impatient and condescending as Russel. I admit that I was a bit slow to get some ideas which were new to me. The lessons quickly became shambolic. I had been lead to believe that there would be 10, 1 hour lessons…but my lessons became rushed by Arron who was completely disinterested in me as his student. He blurted out some info and then said goodbye after 30 mins! There was no pupil teacher rapport or understanding. I did cancel a few lessons just because they were so unbearable.

We did mostly things that I was already familiar with like support and resistance. It seemed like an ad hoc course that Arron had partly got out of a forex ebook. And I genuinely believe that I could get a very similar course that Arron delivered to me in a Forex ebook! Like I said, looking at your course content, I do not recognise any of these things that you profess to offer. It was a joke! I finished the course feeling mugged and traumatised! That’s why it’s taken me this long to email you. I just haven’t been able to think about it. I’ve got PTSD by a bloody forex course!

In all seriousness it was an absolute joke as I say and I was ripped off. I would like a full refund please. Also, I don’t get the Platinum Trading Floor emails any more. I have been totally ignored since the course. No email or call from Arron to ask me how I’m doing. Arron was ringing me for so long before the course. He gave me the impression that it would be so good haha. Now he doesn’t want to know me. I saw in your course information that you get 12 months of ongoing tuition. I got a few rushed 30 minute sessions and some 1 hour totaling 10 sessions but nothing after.

Please don’t ask Arron to call me. It’s too late. The damage has been done. I just want a full £3500 refund please.

Yours Sincerely

Steven Lloyd.”

Pretty straight forward and to the point I think. All I can say is heed my warning and don’t go near this company. I should say that a man saying he was from Head Office called me and left a message. He left a number which I couldn’t hear. I emailed the company a couple of times asking if he could call me again but I’ve heard nothing.

tel. 07864 588901