Dr. Barrie Trower is a Hero of the Truth Movement.

Dr Barrie Trower is a former MI5 expert on microwave stealth weaponry and gives talks all over the world warning of the danger of microwave radiation. Different frequency microwaves can be targeted at an individual or group to cause whatever is the desired malady. The women Greenham Common peace protesters were a group in question. Dr Trower claims that once a young girl’s eggs have been damaged, the damage is permanent and is then passed on through the generations ad infinitum. Dr Trower has stated that he is not afraid of the risks involved in his work.

1 thought on “Dr. Barrie Trower is a Hero of the Truth Movement.

  1. He may be a doctor of some kind, but he obviously hasn’t taken elementary physics courses. There are several different kinds of radiation including electromagnetic and microwave. The only two kinds that can damage DNA through affecting reproductive cells are ionizing radiation, and particulate. Wi-fi contains neither of those two types. You have to have a narrower wavelength with more energy.

    Young girls are much more in danger of these sorts of effects from excessive x-ray dosage received in diagnostic examinations, such as has happened using improperly calibrated CT machines.

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