Believe that we can Achieve.

…”that’s just my luck”…”why does it always happen to me?”…”why is nothing ever straight-forward?”…”that’s just typical”….”it’s sods law”…”I’m so stupid”….”it doesn’t matter what I do, things are always the same”…are some of the often heard examples of a popular mythology that has the individual as a victim of an unfair, unjust, persecutory universe. It illustrates a self-defeating, self abusing, self sabotaging, misunderstanding relationship with the universe where good fortune is seen as an occasional mere happy accident. People seem to forget that we are here to LEARN and that ‘problems’ that arise are not punitive but are instead OPPORTUNITIES for learning and for growth.

If we delete this negative mythic narrative within ourselves and rewrite the programme within us with krystic, spiritual values, so that we become totally positive self-believers and believers in love, forgiveness, gratitude and in truth, then we can grow and co-create good fortune and opportunities while resisting the temptation to lose faith and to lapse into self-doubt. We will always ultimately enjoy success and the total confidence and support of Source Consciousness if we align ourselves with original, krystic intent and embrace challenges in life rather then cursing them.

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