It is Perfectly Legitamate for Spititual People to Co Create Material Abundance

Jane K Wilson and myself are both deeply spiritual people. We used to believe that business and spirituality were incompatible, and I know that others feel this way also. Spiritual types are often associated with monastic living for eg.

This is a misconception, however. The Spirit/matter dichotomy is a false one. We exist in ONE infinite, eternal energetic consciousness field, otherwise known as the God-Source consciousness field. And the material world came into being because God desired it to be so. 

God did not create the material dimensions so that we should shun matter. It was created for the purpose of loving, living, learning, enjoyment, co creation and growth. It is perfectly legitimate to wish to join with God in co creating material abundance.

I imagine that there are reality fields where beings who have Mastered themselves and matter, live in joyous, harmonious opulence with the blessing of the Creator! 

Can you imagine palaces made of marble, with intricately carved exteriors filled with crystals and other precious stones and metals?! Can you imagine beings who can create anything that their heart desires, who do not need to eat because they live off the Sun’s energy and who can dematerialze and rematerialize anywhere in the multiverse that they wish to at the speed of thought? Can you imagine such beings having telepathic and other psychic powers beyond anything that we thought possible? Can you imagine enjoying these freedoms and powers for all eternity?

Try imagining it, because not only is it possible, but it is how Angelic Humans once lived. And it is how we will soon live again. Thanks for reading. Namaste

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