Indigos by Rory Smith (I believe)

“Indigo Children” have been incarnating on Earth for about 50-100
years now. They are very old souls that are born with their 6th DNA
strand active, which corresponds to the third eye, this is
responsible for their very strong intuitive nature and psychic

Normal “Humans” have 12 Strands in their DNA Template, allowing them
to embody up to 12 dimensions of frequency. Indigos can have
anywhere from 24 to 48 strands in their DNA Template. Making
Indigos technically not fully human. The Soul of an Indigo has
already evolved past the human 12-Strand form and into more evolved
forms of being with higher Templates. The Soul of the Indigo then
comes back down here to the lower densities and re-incarnates into a
Human body to help run frequency and stabilize the Earth’s grids
during periods when it is needed the most. This allows us to
embody and run much higher levels of frequency. This is why we are
here, to help stabilize the frequency of the Earth’s grids during
the current Stellar Acivation Cycle. This doesn’t make Indigos any
better or more important than anyone else, each person has their own
role to play and frequency to hold. No matter how many strands in
your DNA Template or or how much frequency you run each is just as
important to the entire process as the next.

I should know, I myself am an Indigo. We have been incarnating for
about fifty years now with a very large wave being born in the last 5
years. We are here to help the planet and humanity with it’s
current shift from Density 1 or Harmonic Universe 1 (dimensions
1,2,3) to Density 2 or Harmonic Universe 2 (dimensions 4,5,6). This
process is called a Stellar Activation Cycle, or SAC. This
is the reason we are all working on activating the 4th strand at
this time since the D4 frequency bands are the first we move into
during our transition. As we progress further into the transition
we will be working on activating the 5th and then 6th strands. The
shift into the lower D4 frequency bands will be complete by 2012,
after that we will rapidly shift up through the rest of D4 and then
D5 and D6.

This shift represents a reintegration of our Incarnate Selves
(dimensions 1,2,3) with our Soul-level identity (dimensions 4,5,6).
After the completion of our Soul-level reintegration in Density 2 we
will commence reintegration of our Soul-selves with our Over-soul
selves in Density 3 (dimensions 7,8,9) And after Over-soul
integration we will reunite with our Avatar selves in Density 4
(dimensions 10,11,12). After fully reintegrating our Avatar selves
in Density 4 we will at that time have all 12 strands of our 12-
strand template active, and be able to move at will throughout all
the various Densities and levels of identity. This entire process
eventually leads to At-Onement with Source, which is the purpose of
every manifest being. God/Source polarizes itself into infinately
many pieces or levels of identity and then de-polarizes, reunifying
the pieces back into itself.

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