Halloween – What is it Really? by Ian Parks

Halloween – What is it really?

All the planets in our solar system orbit around on a big flat invisible disc called the solar shield, of which the centre point of this shield is our sun. There are a number of electro-magnetic corridors of energy (rods and chambers) that intersect the sun and extend the entire solar shield, similar to spokes on a wheel. As our planet Earth orbits around the sun it comes into alignment with different rods and chambers at different times. These alignments open up frequency bridges and connections to other places which can be utilized, if you know what you are doing, to transit to what’s on the other side of the connection.

The reality of these alignments is known within the secret societies, but they don’t let us know about them in the mainstream as they wish to keep us dis-empowered and uninformed as to the true nature of how creation works. This is the modern day equivalent of the Catholic church enforcing the idea that the Earth is flat and killing anyone who disagrees with them. Suppression of knowledge is now done through science and not the iron fist of religion as it once was. The result is the same though…

These alignments are marked by various holidays during the year, such as the summer solstice, the winter solstice and Halloween etc. We are given the holiday to celebrate but not told the reasons why or the physics behind it. This allows us to be manipulated into giving our energy to things without even being consciously aware of what those things are. A lot of society is structured around tricking the collective consciousness of the masses to give their energy to things like this. Halloween is one of those things.

During Halloween our planet is between two major alignments. One is where our blended parallel Earth and Earth rods line up with the solar rod which connects into the parallel milky way centre and it’s black hole system, whilst the other alignment is called Antharo, which is the electrical peak point for the PKA side, and we align with the Bardoah chamber of the solar axis which runs the full milky way line, so basically all sorts of stuff can come in through these connections. (RE, E’Asha, Sliders 6 Workshop, DVD 5)

A lot of the consciousness that currently controls this planet are fallen collective soul groups that have their origins in such fallen reality fields as these, and most of the control of this planet is coming from these places and not here as you might expect, so these alignments can be compared to opening up a direct line to management, or head office which as you might expect, get the Fallen Angelic collectives here quite excited.
Communication, transfer of energy and literal two way transit by entities living on the other side of these connections takes place during this short alignment window (of around 7 days’ish)

As these are fallen reality fields then the beings living there are also fallen, and the ones in charge are generally working fallen agendas which are not usually in our best interests. They pass their orders down to their minions here who then carry them out. Some of these beings like to think of themselves as literal Demons and arrange themselves into an external hierarchy of control and power, which they do here as well as you will notice when looking at how business and finance are structured. These social structures ultimately filter down into society from the secret societies and structures the fallen angelic collectives use, as essentially they are pulling the strings and manipulating us into following these false structures.

There is a kind of worship and subservience that goes on between the fallen angelic collectives here and their literal masters from these other places. Satanic rituals are commonplace amongst illuminate secret society groups as generally these are rituals involve giving their masters energy in some fashion, which is usually achieved through sacrifice and other not very nice satanic rituals. Reports are that Halloween is the main day on their Satanic calender and all kinds of nasty sacrificial ceremonies take place, but I don’t like to dwell on such things.

During the Halloween alignment many fallen entities will travel here through this connection which is why this period is thought of as the night the ghouls, ghosts and demons come out. This period is seen to be both a celebration and a satanic ritual by the fallen angelics here, and by manipulating the public into taking part in this celebration is essentially tricking us into giving our conscious energy to the alignment and unknowingly take part in a satanic ceremony.

Trick or treat has children dressing up as witches, ghouls, demons and various other satanic persona’s etc, knocking on peoples doors and asking for a payment or suffer a penalty (trick or treat). This means everyone is being visited by a satanic element in which they take something from that person under threat of reprisal if they don’t comply. Although most people think of this as harmless fun it is actually symbolic of something far more sinister, and as with most things these days, normal people have lost the ability to question things with their own critical thinking process and simply accept, without question, what everybody else is doing. Therefore if you can manipulate mass beliefs then you can influence mass behaviour as most people simply fall into line with asking any questions… the perfect situation for an organized and educated group of elite who are seeking to control and manipulate the people.

In the UK a separate event has developed around Halloween. The night before Halloween has now become ‘mischief night’ which basically involves children going around causing a nuisance. This began as innocent fun such as knock and run, but is now used by some kids in poorer areas as an excuse to engaging in a night of mayhem involving vandalism, stealing and generally breaking the law. Some old and vulnerable people in certain areas of the UK dread Halloween and mischief night as it brings fear and misery into their lives…. is this celebration a good thing then? … definitely not for some…

As Halloween approaches the Elite controlled media, entertainment industry and big retail will begin their programming of the people with Halloween stuff in order to get the mass collective consciousness to begin thinking about satanic images and symbolism etc… what we think about becomes reality due to the fact we are conscious co-creators (who’ve forgotten who we are) so we are hugely supporting anything satanic by focusing our minds on satanic things en mass even if we simply believe its only a bit of fun.

Ian Parks.

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