Kent Police are Complicit in Serious Crimes Against Myself (Steven Lloyd)

Steven Lloyd

Below is an email that I have recently sent to Michelle Bennett of the IPCC. (Independent Police Complaints Commission).
Dear Michelle Bennett,
I write regarding the letter that you sent to me, dated 19/01/2014 (your ref: 2013/019088). In this letter you upheld my complaint to the IPCC against the IPCC’s decision not to record my complaint that Kent Police have not wished to act on my initial complaint about the man in a red Vauxhaul Corsa, reg. GK13 WYN, who has been stalking me on and off for several months now. You may be aware that this registration number does not show up on the DVLA data base. You advised me at the end of your letter to contact the police if I had not heard from them after 28 days. 28 days have now elapsed since the date of your letter and I have not heard from Kent Police, but I have no intention of contacting them, and I will explain why.
On the morning of 15/01/2012 I found myself in an incredible situation that I would normally have only expected to see in the movies. I was in the reception area of Folkestone Police station, with a gang of Security Service personnel lurking in the streets of Folkestone who were trying to abduct me. I had tried to explain my situation to two civilian receptionists there, who were unconvinced by my story. After I had been pleading with them for a while, a PC appeared and took me into a side room. He was very warm and pleasant, and after I had explained my situation, he said that the police sometimes worked with the Security Services and did I want him to check the police computer system to see if indeed the Security Services were conducting an operation in the area. I was amazed by this, and of course took him up on his offer. I sat down in reception and he left through a back door in the reception area.
While I was waiting for him, a senior male police officer appeared behind the two receptionists, he had presumably become aware of my presence via cctv. I heard him whisper my name to the ‘ladies’ and he then dropped some papers in front of them that had them both recoiling in horror/embarrassment. My immediate thought was that the papers must have been ‘photoshopped’ pictures of me in compromising situations. I felt that he was saying to them with this action, “this is Steven Lloyd….do not have any sympathy for him.”. After the senior officer left, the two ‘ladies’ encouraged me to “go home and see a Dr. tomorrow”…knowing full well that had I taken their homicidal advice, I would never have seen tomorrow.
Not long after this, the PC returned, but his demeanor had changed dramatically, and he was suddenly very cold, terse and abrupt. He lied and gave me a glib reassurance about the Security Services, but strangely, a female voice came out from his radio saying, “is that Steven Lloyd in reception?” The PC quickly tried to persuade me that this was normal by saying that he had just alerted the control room of my presence. This leaves me asking 1. why would he tell the control room that a member of the public was sitting in reception?and 2. if he had told them, why were they asking him what he told me he had just told them, if you see what I mean? He then abruptly asked me to leave the station. I immediately knew that, not only did the police there in Folkestone Police station know what was going on, but they were complicit in the serious crimes taking place. I asked if I could see a solicitor but was told by the receptionists that I had to commit a crime to do so.
So Michelle, any serious investigation into my complaints would uncover the collusion and complicity of both uniformed Kent Police officers and civilian staff in very serious crimes against my person. I am intelligent enough to know that such an investigation will never take place. My complaints to the IPCC have been about increasing awareness of these crimes against me, and not with any real hope of receiving the justice and compensation that I deserve and am entitled to.
Many thanks for your fair and courageous decision to uphold my complaint.
Kind Regards.
Steven Lloyd. D.O.B 03.08.65 78 Pavilion Court CT20 1QB.
P.S. I did call Kent Police again about six weeks ago to inform them that I had just seen the red Vauxhaul Corsa coming out of Tram Road filling station in Folkestone. The guy in the control room seemed very awkward and stuck for words. He eventually said that police would check the cctv at the filling station to check the voracity of my claims that a car with an unregistered plate was driving around Folkestone. He said that someone would contact me. I have heard from no one.

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