What is Love? by Ian Parks

What is love?

Love is a co-resonance between two things. You can be in love with a person, with nature, with music and pretty much anything you want. There is a tangible and real feeling and emotion that is felt when you are in love with something or someone, so what exactly is this feeling and why does it exist?

Manifests creation is built on a very specific mathematical template called the Kryst code, which allows for eternal life creation. Without getting into the technicalities of how this works too deeply, we can observe that manifests creation structures itself around electromagnetic domains, or more simply ‘light sphere’s’ which allow for a reality domain to exist within. Each electromagnetic domain light sphere carries either a positive male, negative female, or androgynous energetic encryption. A positive male and negative female are born out of an androgynous parent light sphere and then the male and female sphere’s will continually keep phasing together, sparking, pulling back into the parent sphere then being born again in an eternally cycling breathing and phasing process with God source consciousness field.

In order for a male and female electromagnetic domain light sphere to phase together requires a co-resonance between the two. This co-resonance allows the male and female aspects to feel perfectly in alignment with one another and actually creates a pull to bring them together and merge their light sphere’s as one.

All of creation, from atoms, to people, to planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes et cetera are all taking place within these electromagnetic domains, therefore on a personal level we as an individual will be running a specific type of energy which can be male, female or androgynous (and any combination of the three). The physical gender of the body makes no difference on who you are attracted to as this is mainly down to the energy that person is running. You can have a male body running female energy and a female body running male energy. If you forget for a moment about body’s and genders it is usually a positive male energy and a negative female energy that attract one another, although anything is possible.

The reality of male and female light sphere’s phasing together to create sparks of energy that open an eternal life backflow return wave to God Source consciousness field is exactly what happens when couples get together and have sex. The two people’s energy will initially create an attraction which is the first stage in becoming in resonance with one another. If allowed to progress this co-resonance will develop into a much deeper feeling we call love. This creates a huge pull to bring those people close together and encourage them to phase their light sphere’s together (which corresponds down here as the physical act of sex), which at the point of orgasm opens a backflow return wave momentarily with God source consciousness field in an act of spiritual co-creation. This spark can create new life which is exactly it’s main purpose.

You hear spiritual people talking about reaching the point of ‘At-One-Ness’ with their surroundings and feeling an eternal love that permeates every aspect of their being. This spiritual state is attained when one realises that all that is around them is not only connected but part of them too. When you realise that nothing is separate and everything is part of God source consciousness field, including yourself and your own body, you can reach a point where you become so in resonance with the rest of your outer manifest creation that you develop a strong spiritual feeling of love and connection to everything around you (as you realise you are one and the same). This is the At-One-Ment state that is commonly talked about in many religious and spiritual teachings. Anyone has the capability to attain this state given the right knowledge to follow, genuine practice and integration into their lives.

So therefore I will simply say I Love you all.


Ian Parks

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