Directed Energy Weapons by Sonya Gore

Directed Energy Weapons. Manufactured by Raytheon American Defense Contractor. Electromagnetic Energy drawn off of Electric Grid Pulses via satellite, harnessed in a weapon, voltage controlled, lasers pointed @ Americans. There are many ways this happens. Directed Energy Weapons, hand held, portable, and also DEW installed in the body of aircraft such as commercial planes, private planes, piper planes, helicopters, and drones.

Electromagnetic Energy is currently weaponized around all Americans as follows…Cell Phone Towers, Smart Meter Technology in your home, as well as Smart Meter Street Lights, Flood Lights, Spot Lights, any lights turned into a voltage controlled, laser weapon against Americans through Smart Meter Technology.

The EMF (electromagnetic frequency waves) are damaging to your DNA, and human biology making you 1000x more susceptible to biological warfare, micro-organisms, and chemical invasion (pesticides) & (micro-organisms) in chemtrails.

Be sure to work hard today because your tax payer dollars and utility bills are footing the bill for this. Bend over real good because you are an American (NWO) Style. New World Order. Stay dumb & silent so they can continue to fully succeed in your biological destruction on a daily basis.

Welcome to ‘Agenda 21’ in progress now! Also furnished by your friendly Multi-National Occult Corporations who have it in for you after you supported them by buying their goods & services….mutts of Satan. Illuminati – UN (United Nations) NWO Politicians. None can be trusted!!!

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