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“The original Templar creed taught Unity Consciousness and love, cooperation and respect toward all other life forms.  It did not appoint some groups as being godly and others as evil; it taught of the necessity for equality between peoples and genders and the need to heal and integrate all aspects of society.  The original Templar teachings promoted kindness, gentleness, toler­ance and power through comprehension of sacred energy mechanics and con­sciousness embodiment of the God-force.  They did not teach that God was a male authority figure who passed judgment upon sinful, inferior humans. They did not teach that the male gender was formed in the image of God and the female was a lesser part extracted through the godly male to hold a position of subservience to men.  The original Templar creed did not endorse the exploi­tation of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms for the purpose of personal sustenance and materialistic gain, it taught respect and reverence for all life.  The original Templar did not teach of “good and evil”; it taught that evil deeds were the result of ignorance to the true structure of the universe, and that evil was cured by education through the Law of One.  It taught that peo­ples were created to be free, and in that freedom should be taught how to become co-creators with the God-force.  It taught that every being in the universe was an individual face and expression of God, and that brotherhood was simply the rational result of this comprehension.”


Voyagers Volume II Page 68 excerpt Copyright ©2002 by Ashayana Deane, Granite Publishing

Miles Johnstone is a Hero of the UFO and Reseach Communities.

Miles Johnstone worked in pirate radio in Northern Ireland over 30 years ago and later went on to work for the BBC and for Sky Television. He claims that these organisations were taken over by non-human forces who have an anti-human agenda and use TV programmes and technologies for the purpose of mind control. Over a 20 year period he has been recording his ‘Bases’ series of interviews with people connected to the military, including James Casbolt, about D.U.M.B.s, psychic and paranormal phenomenon and advanced stealth technology; these interviews can be seen on his ‘Miles Johnstone’ You Tube channel. He has reported on the presence of a sentient black fluid which seems to have a pro-Earth agenda and will kill anyone who attempts to interfere with it. More recently he has worked with Joanne Summerscales on the AMMACH (anomolous mind management abductee contactee helpline) project, although, after the recent disastrous Channel 4 mockumentary about AMMACH and some of their witnesses (‘Confessions of an Alien Abductee’), he was asked to leave that organisation by Joanne. He has said that Joanne is a Reptilian who possibly has a dubious agenda. He was praised recently by Kerry Cassidy for his life long work in bringing hidden knowledge relating to UFO’s, Super Soldiers, psychic phenomenon and the military to the public’s attention.

Kerry Cassidy is a Heroine of the Truth Movement.

Kerry here is giving a talk in London, June 2013, after attending the Bilderberg fringe gathering in Watford, England. She begins by talking about the Kundilini energy and how important it is to teach ourselves to raise this energy which resides in the base of the spine. She explains that the Illuminati of course know all about this power and excite its development in their offspring through sexual and emotional abuse. Kundilini she says, is key to realising our Divine power and psychic abilities. She later talks about how Alex Jones exudes and excites angry energy and is playing into the hands of the Elite in this way, despite the truth of much of his info. She also talks about how important are the ‘Voyagers’ books by Ashayana Deane to anyone interested in Angelic Human history and in exopolitics and the alien agenda. She stresses the importance of being a rebel and a Light-Warrior and how we of the light are all healers and magicians. She talks about how through self-programming we can self-heal and realise our highest visions.

Phil Schneider is a Hero of the Truth Movement.

Phil worked for 17 years as a geologist for the US govt. on the construction of D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases). He worked alongside aliens and with alien technology, including metals which are currently unknown to modern science. These included alloys containing elements from what in reality is a 144 element periodic table. He bravely went on a whistleblowing lecture tour in 1995 which cost him his life. He believed in freedom and the US constitution and wished to put an end to tyranny and treachery within the World Govt. which have a One World Order dominion agenda.

You and Your Children are being systematically hurt by the Secret Govt.

1. After intentionally increasing the global population so as to run as much reverse Metatronic  frequency through the Earth’s grids to realize their plan of dragging the Earth and its unsuspecting inhabitants into the fallen Phantom Matrix for quantum food, the Shadow Govt, now that this plan has been thwarted by the Guardian Alliance, wish to drastically reduce the Earth’s population from 7 billion down to 0.5 billion in line with their ‘New World Order’ dominion agenda.

2. The culling operation is a ‘slow kill’ process which not only fulfills the population reduction agenda, but makes the Elite more money in the process. This is because unhealthy people eat more junk food, smoke more cigarettes, drink more alcohol and buy and use more pharmaceutical and street drugs. Street drugs make an estimated 500 billion a year for ‘black projects’ for the Elite.

3. The masses have been lied to about the benefits of flouride for decades. Sodium flouride was first used by Hitler in the concentration camps to sedate the inmates. It is a bi-product of the aluminium industry and is a neuro-toxin which calcifies in the pineal gland. Known as the ‘third eye’ the pineal gland is responsible for higher spiritual perceptions and intuitions. The Satanic Elite are most anxious to prevent mass spiritual awakening at this time of increased solar activity and divine cosmic frequencies.

4.  Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in introducing  the neuro-toxin and artificial sweetener Aspartame into the food chain in 1983. By the following year there were reports of a significant increase in neurological disorders in countries where aspartame was being consumed. It is commonly added to diet drinks and many other products, including psychotropic drugs. Why is there a need to put an artificial sweetener in a tablet that is swallowed in one gulp?

5. The masses have been lied to about GMO’s. Part of the agenda is to make farmers buy new seeds every year because the GM crops do not produce new seeds. There are reports of drastic reductions in nutritional value in foods containing GMO’s as well as links to cancer along with them attacking the immune system.

5. Probably for over ten years now, the Shadow Govt. has been using your money to fly planes non stop around the world dumping millions of tons of chemicals, known as chemtrails, onto you and your children. Chemtrails have been found to contain aluminium oxide, barium and strontium, as well as biological material and nano-particulates of unknown origin and purpose. Part of their agenda is weather modification and control, in part to drive small farmers out of business so that Monsanto can buy them up cheaply. It is also thought that the human bio-electric system is turned into a super-conductor by barium so that the microwaves, now widespread in the environment, charge through the human organism frying brain cells in the process. It is also thought that the biological material in the chemtrails contains latent virus’s which weaken the immune system for now, and then can be activated at a later date for mass culling purposes. Running alongside all of this is a ‘transhumanism’ agenda which is about turning the human organism into part biology part machine. The idea seems to be to create different breeds of  modified humans for different purposes. Morgellans is a disease attributed to the pollutants in chemtrails; it is characterised by tiny fibres which grow out of the victims body. It is also thought that these nano-fibres, which are now growing in all of our bodies, can be utilised by the Elite for the purposes of increased mind-control.

6. We have also been lied to about the safety of mobile phones and mobile phone masts along with wireless internet and portable land-line telephones. All of this technology uses microwaves which are incredibly dangerous and carcinogenic. It is claimed by experts such as Dr Barrie Trower that many millions of people will suffer and die prematurely because of this technology. He also claims that the microwaves do permanent damage to the unborn foetus in pregnant women, damage that is irreparable and is then passed onto the next generations ad infinitum. Continue reading You and Your Children are being systematically hurt by the Secret Govt.