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The role/purpose of Lightworkers/Starseeds/Indigos during this momentous period of SAC (Stellar Activation Cycle which is a Star-Gate opening cycle) 2000-2017AD: The Christos Realignment Mission.

1. Principally, to anchor 12th dimensional Maharic current and other Krystic frequencies to reset the personal and collective Divine blueprints and to stabilize the Earth’s electromagnetic grids to avert pole-shift. If enough D12 frequency is anchored into the Earth’s grids this will seal off the portals through which the Intruder Forces gain access to the Earth.

2. Also, to be aware of darkness/disease within the God-Source consciousness field and to use love, living light, krystic frequencies and positive visualisation and intention to heal and transmute such negativity.

3. To raise personal and collective frequency through love, forgiveness and gratitude for the purpose of healing, evolution, DNA activation and Ascension.

4. To perform activations at various sacred sites around the Earth (Rainbow Round Tables).

5. To help to raise collective awareness of spiritual values and how these can be employed in the interests of the individual and the collective.

Public Meditation in the UK.

I had this idea that the best form of evangelism was to meditate publicly so I made this video. Public meditation is unintrusive and the meditative posture is commonly understood to represent inner tranquility, love and spiritual focus. At around the same time (early 2011) the ‘Med Mob’ movement appeared and mass public meditations were being organised all around the world. In line with this is the ‘Maharishi Effect’ which says that all it takes is the square root of 1% a given population to jointly meditate for peace to have a tangible positive effect on the group behavior of that community.

Kundalini Rising.

In February 2011 I had a spontaneous Kundalini experience. I did not realize that it was called such until I read about it a few weeks later. I was very spiritually focused at that time and it occurred when I was speaking to a woman that I loved and greatly admired on Skype. She is a Philipino/American lightworker called Maria Celeste Garcia who can talk about spirituality and Divine love in a most beautiful and sublime way. As she was talking I noticed that her words were leafing and flowering, leafing and flowering in my mind in the most extraordinary way. My hands came together naturally and independently in the prayer position and I felt that I was surfing on waves of Divine love. My frequencies rose and continued to rise to a peak and then gradually lowered slightly, and then rose to a peak once more. This cycle was repeated several times over a couple of hours. At one point, when I was at a peak of ecstasy, Maria moved close to her microphone and started singing to me. Normally this would have been wonderful, but it made me feel like my head might explode with the intensity of spiritual excitement that filled my joyous heart and mind.

The Kundalini energy resides at the base of the spine, in the tailbone, and is the same energy that, when excited, produces the sexual orgasm. The 3 embodied Kundalini currents are known as the Telluric, Doradic and Teuric currents. Each current is comprised of 3 dimensions of energy and conscious awareness and so the 3 currents, when activated, correspond to the first 9 dimensions of conscious awareness along with the first 9 strands within the Angelic Human DNA template. When all 3 kundalini currents are activated, the 4th current, the Primal Triadic current or Kee-Ra-ShA is activated. Activation of the Kee-Ra-ShA anchors the hydroplasmic beam within the body and initiates the process of Dimensional Ascension.

Umaa Tantra gives advice on how to optimise the chances of raising kundalini energies spiritually, which are as follows:

1. There needs to be increased vital energy or chi in the lower abdomen. This can be achieved through prana breathing techniques.

2. There needs to be amplified emotion so regular meditation with the intention of quieting the mind is not appropriate. Think about the love you have for your partner, for nature or for God. Just like a sexual orgasm, kundalini is activated with similar excitement and Divinely exciting thoughts.

3. Energy needs to be able to move through the CVC (central vertical column). Deep breathing and focusing on the seven primary chakras can achieve this,

4. The body needs to be comfortable and relaxed. Energy need to be circulating all around the body.

5. You need to be persistant over a number of days or weeks into bringing to bear all of these requirements.

Good luck and may the love of God be felt within you always.

Spiritual Enlightenment is not the Preserve of Ascetics and Life-Long Monks.

My name is Steven Lloyd. I was born in 1965 and I grew up in a regular family in the materialistic west (UK). I went to a Christian school but had little interest in such ‘control dogmas’. I felt early on that the Bible was confusing and that the spiritual values therein were widely ignored by mainstream society. I would discover much later that Christ’s (Jeshua Melchizedek’s) Ascension teachings were removed from the Holy Bible by the Council of Nicea in 325AD. Christ did not die on the cross but in fact ascended from the Giza portal in 27AD after his work as a translator for the MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) was completed.

When I was 21 I found myself in a very confused and depressed state. I had been working and saving quite a lot of money, but contrary to popular myth, these things were not making me at all happy. I quit my job and started reading about mysticism. Mysticism, contrary to popular misconception, is not anything to do with magic, spirits or hocus pocus, but is in fact a field of knowledge relating the the ‘Law of One’, or the belief that the cosmos is an essential unity and that it is possible to realize that unity experientially.

I focused principaly on a book called, ‘The Way of Zen’ by Alan Watts and did the ‘inner work’ as I went along. After just a couple of weeks of solitary contemplation I experienced several states of mystical union. I believe that anyone who has the desire and commitment to do this can do so. These are the steps that I took:

1. Earmark a couple of weeks where you can be completely quiet and focused.

2. Stop thinking of yourself as a postman, a sister, a liberal, a father etc. these are all arbitrary identities. Your ultimate identity is being one with God, so identify with the infinite eternal ONE. You ARE God in human form.

3. Let go of all ego attachments and negative feelings. Let go of desire, resentment, jealousy, hatred, greed etc.  Total and absolute forgiveness of self and others is crucial for the sake of healing and inner tranquility. The mind needs to be like a completely still pool which reflects the universe in a totally clear and undistorted way.

4. Forget about the past and the future. The only time there ever is is NOW so focus your entire awareness in the now. Time is simultaneous; the past, present and future are all occurring in this moment.

5. Recognize the infinite blessing that life is, and all of the countless things you have to be grateful for. Gratitude is very important in raising your frequency, in recognizing the miracle of your life and in precipitating transcendence.

6. Ponder the paradox of your existence. How could you have appeared out of nothing? Think about how God has ALWAYS existed; how could this be?

7. Attempt to transcend duality. Left and right, up and down, right and wrong, better and worse, me and you, are all examples of dualistic thinking and are a function of an arbitrary, relativistic point in space-time. When the Absolute identity is realized there is no duality or relativity. Everything is part of the whole and is not defined in terms of its relationship to other aspects of the whole, it just IS.

You and Your Children are being systematically hurt by the Secret Govt.

1. After intentionally increasing the global population so as to run as much reverse Metatronic  frequency through the Earth’s grids to realize their plan of dragging the Earth and its unsuspecting inhabitants into the fallen Phantom Matrix for quantum food, the Shadow Govt, now that this plan has been thwarted by the Guardian Alliance, wish to drastically reduce the Earth’s population from 7 billion down to 0.5 billion in line with their ‘New World Order’ dominion agenda.

2. The culling operation is a ‘slow kill’ process which not only fulfills the population reduction agenda, but makes the Elite more money in the process. This is because unhealthy people eat more junk food, smoke more cigarettes, drink more alcohol and buy and use more pharmaceutical and street drugs. Street drugs make an estimated 500 billion a year for ‘black projects’ for the Elite.

3. The masses have been lied to about the benefits of flouride for decades. Sodium flouride was first used by Hitler in the concentration camps to sedate the inmates. It is a bi-product of the aluminium industry and is a neuro-toxin which calcifies in the pineal gland. Known as the ‘third eye’ the pineal gland is responsible for higher spiritual perceptions and intuitions. The Satanic Elite are most anxious to prevent mass spiritual awakening at this time of increased solar activity and divine cosmic frequencies.

4.  Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in introducing  the neuro-toxin and artificial sweetener Aspartame into the food chain in 1983. By the following year there were reports of a significant increase in neurological disorders in countries where aspartame was being consumed. It is commonly added to diet drinks and many other products, including psychotropic drugs. Why is there a need to put an artificial sweetener in a tablet that is swallowed in one gulp?

5. The masses have been lied to about GMO’s. Part of the agenda is to make farmers buy new seeds every year because the GM crops do not produce new seeds. There are reports of drastic reductions in nutritional value in foods containing GMO’s as well as links to cancer along with them attacking the immune system.

5. Probably for over ten years now, the Shadow Govt. has been using your money to fly planes non stop around the world dumping millions of tons of chemicals, known as chemtrails, onto you and your children. Chemtrails have been found to contain aluminium oxide, barium and strontium, as well as biological material and nano-particulates of unknown origin and purpose. Part of their agenda is weather modification and control, in part to drive small farmers out of business so that Monsanto can buy them up cheaply. It is also thought that the human bio-electric system is turned into a super-conductor by barium so that the microwaves, now widespread in the environment, charge through the human organism frying brain cells in the process. It is also thought that the biological material in the chemtrails contains latent virus’s which weaken the immune system for now, and then can be activated at a later date for mass culling purposes. Running alongside all of this is a ‘transhumanism’ agenda which is about turning the human organism into part biology part machine. The idea seems to be to create different breeds of  modified humans for different purposes. Morgellans is a disease attributed to the pollutants in chemtrails; it is characterised by tiny fibres which grow out of the victims body. It is also thought that these nano-fibres, which are now growing in all of our bodies, can be utilised by the Elite for the purposes of increased mind-control.

6. We have also been lied to about the safety of mobile phones and mobile phone masts along with wireless internet and portable land-line telephones. All of this technology uses microwaves which are incredibly dangerous and carcinogenic. It is claimed by experts such as Dr Barrie Trower that many millions of people will suffer and die prematurely because of this technology. He also claims that the microwaves do permanent damage to the unborn foetus in pregnant women, damage that is irreparable and is then passed onto the next generations ad infinitum. Continue reading You and Your Children are being systematically hurt by the Secret Govt.