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The Original Human 12-tribes Race Names

The Original Human 12-tribes Race Names, edited from the Essene CDT-plate translation

21 November 2012 at 12:22

TRIBE-1: Isutu-Esheau (pronounced I sU’ too- E’ shoo)

Star Gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-1

Arizona USA Vortex-1 Native American, Cue Site-1Cyprus Island in Mediteranian Sea, Australia, Turkey, and Greece and Antartic SG-1 in Atlantian periods.


Maji Indigo Grail Line: Original blue and green-eyed Australian Aboriginee; often red haired.



TRIBE-2: Maahali-Bruea (pronounced: Ma a ha’ LE- BrU’ A)

Start gate signet codes, seed locations and races:  SG-2

Florida Seminol Native Amaericans SG-2 Sarasota Florida, and Breanoua black and brown skinned Haitian-Bimini island races.  Easter Island (Rapa Nui) Cue Site-2 Muavaharivi and Jeruselum Israel Vortex-2 Hebrew Races.


Maji Indigo Grail line:  Mu’A of Lemuria (Hawaii) , Easter Island and southwestern native American descendant tribes. Original Hebrew (Hibiru Cloister and Melchizedek cloister hybrid) races of Jeruselum and Jordan.



TRIBE-3:  Amekasan-Etur (pronounced: a ME’ ka sun – e too’r)

Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races:  SG-3

Nohassa Atlantis Bermuda Islands SG-3, Johannessburg South Africa, brown and white skinned races and Nepal vortex-3 Himalayas.


Maji Indigo Grail line:  white skinned Druedeks of Nohassa Atlantis.



TRIBE-4:  Nuagu Hali (pronounced: Noo ah’ goo- ha’ LE)

Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-4

Giza Egypt SG-4 and Sumerian UR, Aguascalientes Mexico Cue Site-4 and central America.


Maji Indigo Grail line:   Serres-Egyptians, original pre-Annunaki Maya-Toltec and Mexicali “indians”.



TRIBE 5:  Ionatu-Etillah  (pronounced: O’ Na too- et ‘il a)

Star gate DNA sigent codes, seed locations and races: SG-5

Machu Picchu Peru Incas SG-5,  origonal Ionian Italic (Italian) races.


Maji Indigo Grail line:  Mu’A-Incas of Machu Picchu Peru and light skinned, often fair or red-haired Celtic-Druedek Mu’A Ionians  (combined with Maji Grail line oh Nohassa Atlantis tribe-3 Maji Druedeks and Lohas Atlantis Tribe-11 Maji Celtics exiled to Ionia as Annunaki Leviathan raiding progressed.



TRIBE 6: Ramayana-Shridveta  (pronounced: Rah ma yah’ na-shrid vE’ Da)

Star gate DNA signet code, seed locations and races:  SG-6

Russia Caucasus mountains SG-6 and Scandinavian white skinned blond hair races,  brown skinned races of India Thar desert Cue site-6.


Maji Indigo Grail line: Rama-Vita races of India and original blue eyed blond Nordic races of Scandinavia and Russia.



TRIBE 7: Mahata-Agrah (pronounced: ME hah’ ta- a’g-ra)

Star Gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-7

Lake Titicaca Peru Incas and indigenous olive skinned people of Paxos Island Greece.


Maji Indigo Grail Line:  Original Mahata-Incas lake Titicaca Peru (fled from intruder raiders to Kauai Hawaii) and original olive skinned green eyed Ionians of paxos Island.



TRIBE 8: Chia Zhun Zan La-Yung (pronounced: ChE’ ah-Zoon – Yan LA-Yoong’)

Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-8

Xian China SG-8 original yellow skinned races,  and original brown skinned races of Taklamakan Desert Tibet.


Maji Indigo Grail line:  Original YU-Melchilzedek Tibetan light brown skinned, light eyed races of Lop Nor Taklamakan desert, Tibet region before Necromiton-Andromie Nephilim raiding and YU-Chenise lineage.



TRIBE 9: Yun Zu-Xen  (pronounced:  Yu-Un Zoo-Zen)

Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-9

North of Llasa Tibet SG-9, Brown skinned races and Westburt area southern England white skinned, dark hair races Cue site-9.


Maji Indigo Grail line: YU-Mu’A Chinese and dark haired dark eyed fair skinned original English Mu’A Melchizedek races.



TRIBE 10: Ma’ah-hu-la  (pronounced: Ma-a hoo’ ta)

Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-10

Sumerian UR, Persian Gulf Abadan Iran SG-10 area, and Al Basrah Irag Cue Site-10.   Many family lines fled to Sakkara Egypt and regions now called Afghanistan , and Uzbekistan during early Sumerian raids;  continue to live under persecution of Leviathan Illuminati races.


Maji Indigo Grail line: Light-brown skinned light-eyed, dark haired races and dark eyed Essene-Melchizedek races of Persia, now most in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Russia.



TRIBE 11:  Zephar-Duun-Atur (pronounced: Ze-far-doon-a-Tur)

Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-11

Southern Island Cue Site 11,  Vale of Pewsey area southern England SG-11,  Scotland lowlands, white skinned European races now in England, France and Russia, USA and Germany.  Raided by the Pleidian-Samjase-Luciferian-Annunaki Germanic “Sacheons”/Saxons.


Maji Indigo Grail line:  Celtek-Druedek hybrid Azurta-Arutus “Celtic Druids”,  white skinned,  frequently red haired.   The true ‘King Arthur’ grail line.



TRIBE 12: A-reah-Azurta (pronounced: a-RI’-a Zoor’-ta)

Star Gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-12

Monsegur Southern France SG-12 white-skinned and original MU’a Lemurian Kauai Hawaiian brown-skinned, dark eyed races, exiled to Easter Island and Machu Picchu Peru (builders).


Maji Indigo Grail line:  original Mu’A Kauai Hawaiian brown-skinned and KatharA-Cathari white skinned races of Southern France.

Guardians and Founder Races

There are 3 Primary Yanas Collectives of the Energy Matrix, each

from one of the 3 Primal Sound Fields of the Khundaray. The

Grandeyanas or “Emerald Order” Yanas exist within the Eckatic Level

of the Energy Matrix, the first level of individuation within

Source. The Wachayanas or “Gold Order” Yanas exist within the

Polaric Level of the Energy matrix, the second level of

individuation within Source. The Ramyanas or “Amethyst” Order Yanas

exist within the Triadic Level of the Energy Matrix, the third level

of individuation within Source. Ynas collectives from each of the 3

Primal Sound Fields of the Khundaray (Energy Matrix) are colectively

called the Eieyani (pronounced “E-Yon’-E”), or the Eieyani Council,

both meaning “of the Yanas.” The Eieyani collective responsicle for

seeding life into our Time Matrix is called the Melchizedek Cloister

Eieyani or MC Eieyani. The Yanas exist beyond the smaller reality

fields within which space-time-matter experience takes place;

occasionally they incarnate in various forms, into the fields of

space-time-matter within the Density Levels of our Time Matrix, to

fulfill universal service missions. When in pysical incarnation in

time, incarnate Yanas most often use the name Eieyani in reference

to their family line; in contemporary time, the Eieyani incarnate on

Earth are commonly referred to as “Type-1 Grail line Indigo

Children.” The Eieyani collectives of the Khundaray Primal Sound

Fields are the Eternal Guardian Collectives that are responsible for

maintaingin the structural integrity of the Energy Matrix and Time

Matrix systems within them, and for seeding “life-waves” into

manifest Time Matrices. The Yanas Collectives of the Primal Sound

Fields represent our Cosmic Family of Consciousness,” through which

all manifest things are indelibly connected to Source through the

energetic _expression of the Primal Sound Fields.


The Eieyani of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields last seede a life-

wave into our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix 950 billion years ago

(Earth time translation), through creation of the 3 Primary

Founders Race Collectives in our Time Matrix. The 3 Primary

Founders Race collectives are referred to as the Breneau Orders;

they exist as eternal gestalts of consciousness in the form of

spherical Ante-matter construct of Thermoplasmic Radiation within

the # Primal Light Fields that form Density 5, dimansion 13, 14, and

15 of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix. The 3 Primal Light Fields

within which dimensionalized Time Matrices exist are collectively

referred to as the Kee-Ra-ShA Primal Light Fields. The Kee-Ra-ShA

is composed of the Emerald-Blue, Pale-Gold, and Violet Primal Light

Fields, which are often referred to as the ” Blue-Eckatic, Gold-

Polaric, and Violet-Triadic Flames” or standing fields of spherical

light, within which dimensionalized relaity fields exist. Each of

the 3 Founders Race Breneau Orders represents a collective of

consciousness seeded into time by one of the 3 Yanas Collectives

from the Energy Matrix. The Emerald Order Breneau exist within the

Blue-Eckatic Kee-Ra-ShA Light Field, and are representatives of the

Emerald Order Grandeyanas collective. The Gold Order Breneau exist

within the Pale-Gold-Polaric Kee-Ra-ShA Light Field, and are

representatives of the Gold Order Wachayanas collective. The

Amethyst Order Breneau exist within the Violet-Triadic Kee-Ra-ShA

Light Field, and are representatives of the Amethyst Order Ramyanas

collective. The 3 Breneau order Founders Races are the Eternal

collective of consciousness from, through, and within which the life-

field seeded by the Yanas, manifests in space-time-matter

_expression. The Breneau Collectives are often referred to as

the “Rishi” or “Solar Rishi” and sometime as “Meta-terrestrials.”


The 3 Breneau Collectives of Density 5, dimensions 13, 14, and 15,

reprsent our “Universal Family of Consciousness,” through which all

things manifest are indelibly connected to the Khundaray Primal

Sound Fields, Yanas, and Source through the energetic _expression of

the Kee-Ra-ShA Primal Light Fields. Each of the 3 Breneau Orders

created the first 3 manifest “Founders Races” in the Pre-matter

Hydroplasmic “Christos Liquid Light Field” of Dimension 12, the

entry point into densification of matter. The Emerald Order Breneau

created the Elohei-Elohim Feline-homind Christos Founders Races on a

now destroyed Density-4 planet called Lyra-Aramatena, which housed

Star Gate 12 of the Universal Templar Complex. The Emerald ordr

Elohei-Elohim Feline-hominid Founders Race called the Anuhazi (also

know as the “Lyran-Sirian Whites”) were appointed by the Yanas as

Guardians of the Density-4 dimension-12 Aramatena Star Gate 12, the

natural passageway between the dimensionalized Density systems and

the Kee-Ra-ShA Primal Light Fields in our Time Matrix. The Gold

Order Breneau created the Seraphei-Seraphim Avian-Insect-Reptile

Christos Founders Races on the Density-4 planet Lyra-Vega, which

housed Star Gate 10 of the Universal Templar Complex. The Gold

Order Avian Seraphei-Seraphim Founders Race called the Cerez

(sometimes called the “Bird People” or “Carians”) were appointed by

the Yanas as guardians of the Density-4 dimension-10 Vega Star Gate

10. The Amethyst Order Breneau created the Bra-ha-Rama Cetacean-

Aquatic-Ape-Pegasus Christos Founders Races on the Density-4 planet

Lyra-Aveyon, which housed Star Gate 11 of the Universal Templar

Complex. The Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama Avian-Horse-Deer and

Cetacean Founders Races called the Pegasai (also known as “Pegasus”)

and the Inyu (sometimes called the “Whale People”; NOT the “Dolphin

People.”) were appointed by the Yanas as guardians of the Density-4

dimension-11 Aveyon Star Gate 11. Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama

Pegasai and Inyu Christos Founders Races shared Guardianship of the

Aveyon Star Gate-11 with the Emerald Order-Amethyst Order hybrid

Feline-Aquatic Ape Founders Race called Anyu.


Through the Yanas and Breneau Order Founders Races’ seeding of the

life-field in our Time Matrix 950 billion years ago, long before the

creation of the Human genetic line, the primary, biologically

manifest Density-4 “Christos Founders Races” were created. The

genetic codes and manifestation blueprints for every life form now

manifest in our Time Matrix has emerged from the combining of the

genetic templates of the 3 Primary Christos Founders Races of

Density-4 and their various biological expressions. The Emerald

order Elohei-Elohim, the Gold Order Seraphei-Seraphim, and the

Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama Christos Founders Races were seeded from

the Kee-Ra-ShA Primal Light Fields of dimensions 13, 14, and 15,

into Pre-matter Density-4 dimension 12, 11, and 10. This Christos

Founders Race seeding took place through the natural Star Gates of

the Universal Templar Complex that open between the dimensions in

our Time Matrix. There are 12 Primary Star Gates in our Universal

Temaplar Complex, each corresponding to 1 of 12 dimensional fields.

Star Gates 12, 11, and 10, which serve as the entry points into Pre-

matter Density-4 “Liquid Light Christos Field,” are respectively

located in D-12 Aramatena, D-11 Aveyon, and D-10 Vega. These 3

Density-4 planets (the remainder of which appear as the star “Vega”

in Density-1) and the Star Gates within them are all located within

the Lyran Star Constellation. This “Primal Triad of Creation” has

thus become known as “The cradle of Lyra,” the seeding point of life

in our Time Matrix 950 billion years ago. The seeding of the life-

field in our Time Matrix was orchestrated through a cooperative

agreement of intended peaceful co-evolution between the Yanas and

the Density-5 Emerald, Gold, and Amethyst order Breneau Founders

Races; this original Founders Race “Creation Contract’ was called

the “Emerald Covenant of Aramatena.”



Of the three, IAFW, GA, and Azurite Iniversal Templar Security Team,

Universal Service Organizations, the IAFW and the Azurites were

created first 250 billion years ago, following a series of

universally cataclysmic events that nearly destroyed our Time

Matrix. During a period of Time that spans from 250 billion to 570

million years ago, a series of wars called the Lyran-Elohim Wars,

and later the Angelic Wars, broke out in the Density-4 Pre-matter

systems. The Gold Order Seraphei-Seraphim reptilian Omicron Race

from D-10 Lyra-Vega began to digress and set forth a dominion

conquest into the stellar systems of our Time Matrix; they became

know as the “Fallen Seraphim.” the forefathers of the contemporary D-

10 Orion-Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legion. Simultaneously, the

Emerald Order-Amethyst Order hybrid Feline-Aquatic Ape Anyu Race

from D-11 Lyra-Aveyon also suffered digression and petitioned the

Elohei-Elohim Feline-hominid Chrostos Founders Race of D-12 Lyra-

Aramatena to destroy the Fallen Seraphim Omicron Race. When the

Yanas Breneau Order Founders Races and the Elohei-Elohim of

Aramatena refused, opting for rehabilitation of the Fallen Seraphim,

the Anyu Race of D-11 Aveyon attacked and destroyed Aramatena to

gain control of Star Gate-12. The Anyu’s destruction of Aramatena’s

Star Gate-12 is the event that became know as “the Original Sin,” as

all life forms, including the Density-4 Christos Founders Races,

became trapped in the Time Matrix until the D-12 Aramatena Star Gate-

12 could be reconstructed. Consciousness could incarnate into our

Time Matrix but could not ascend to leave whil Aramatena Star Gate-

12 remained damaged. The Anyu began their quest of universal

dominion with the intention of destroying alll races but their own

and claiming dominion of our Time Matrix. In theior rebellion

against the Chrostos Founders Races the Anyu Race of Density-4 D-11

adopted the name of the Annu, and became known as the Annu-Elohim

Fallen Angelic LKegion; the forefathers of the Annunaki avenger

race. The Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legion created the Sirian

Annunaki race to destroy the Christos Founders Race Guardian Angelic

Oraphim-Human lineage upon its seeding 568 million years ago.

Through the pregressive and perepetual conflicts among the Seraphim

and Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legion, which began 250 billion years

ago in Density-4 Lyra, our Time Matrix was nearly destroyed.


What this guy says is that we’re in the END GAME and so it’s time to release information that will stir up social unrest. After watching quite a few episodes of Jesse Ventura: Conspiracy Theory, I noticed that Jesse embraced the fear-porn about the Illuminati etc. but dismissed the existence of Reptilians and aliens. This is because the Elite want you to be scared and angry but don’t want you to know the truth, which is that ET’s (Anunnaki, Draconians, Zeta’s) are pulling their strings. The Groups ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Occupy’ along with people like Alex Jones and Russell Brand are all Illuminati creations. What are they doing? Stirring up fear and anger…and calling for REVOLUTION! The legislation is now all in place to lock you up without trial in detention centers if rioting and anarchy begins. My advice would be to perform the D12 Maharic Seal meditiation technique. D12 frequecy will put you out of the range of the Fallen Angelics and help to seal off the portals through which they gain access to the Earth’s reality field.

Everything In Society Serves the Elite.

According to the philosopher Alan Watt, every person, organisation, social activity and cultural movement of note, exists because the Illuminati Elite created it or control it for their own agendas. 

Here are some examples:

1. Free love and the Flower-Power revolution= to normalise promiscuity and to make long-term relationships unappealing and unworkable in line with the plan to destroy the family. This is necessary so that most people will be isolated come the planned martial law takeover.
2. Women’s Lib= to make women feel free to work and earn money to satisfy the then demand for increased labour requirements in the workplace.
3. Keeping certain drugs illegal= to keep the prices high so as to make the govt. more money out of the sale of street drugs, also out of those who are fined for their posession and out of those who are jailed for dealing.
4. Gangsts Rap= to glamorise guns and violence so as to criminalise mainly males of African origin and to make money out of their incarceration in private prisons.
5. Television= the flicker rate of TV induces an alpha wave hypnotic state in the viewer making general conversation and healthy debate obselete and virtually unachievable. TV programmes, both drama and factual, are used for mass thought control.
6. Celebrity= creating idols to act as role models for impressionable minds.
7. Mass immigration= to demoralise indiginous populations, to destabilise society and to dilute any sense of national identity.
8. Fast food and GMO’s= to have the masses become malnourished and obese. Unhealthy people tend to be unhappy and so make more money for the Elite via increased alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes and taking street drugs, along with pharmaceuticals for their many ailments. They also die younger.
9. Russell Brand= this celebrity has mass appeal and is busy making the notion of revolution popular and trendy. Despite being highly intelligent I have not heard him mention the name Rothschild once in any interview. This despite even a small amount of research into who controls the worlds money supply revealing this name as being a key player. He does allegedly associate with the said family however.
10. Sport= to sublimate aggressive urges and to act as a distraction from real issues and concerns.
11. The New Age Movement= to disseminate deceitful information via channelled messages from the likes of the Anunnaki groups ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’ and Archangel Michael and to harm people’s bio-energetics by having them practice techniques based on the fibbonnaci spiral, finite life Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life.
12. The Truth Movement= to disseminate a large amount of false and often contradictory information, making it very hard for people to discern fact and truth and to conduct psyops on that community. It is also a means of collecting information on individuals who can think independently.

There Ain’t No Justice…Just Us!

It’s only when a person has been subject to criminality by the State…like attempted abductions, gang-stalking and harassment, along with a serious psychiatric assault upon his partner and collusion in child kidnap for eg…and then that person seeks justice…because our society is based on good values, like social justice, individual rights, fairness and decency…right?….its only when that person seeks justice, that they quickly see that what they thought that their society stood for is, and always was, a charade.

All of the people that this person assumed would take an interest in his horror story, his MP, his GP, the Police, the Police Commissioner, Social Services, newspapers, govt. tribunals etc….all are deaf to his pleas, all cover each others backs, all complicit in the crimes. Some hint that they believe in his story, that they know the truth…but still they lack the courage to come out and say so officially. Instead, the ‘official’ line is that this person’s complaints are ‘fanciful’…and that he has a ‘paranoid personality disorder.’ 

Hence forth, it doesn’t matter what officialdom ACTUALLY says, all this person hears them say is, ” there ain’t no justice….just us.”