My Perception of Current Events by Ian Parks

My perception of current events

The frequency of Our planet has increased substantially in the last 6 months, which brings with it higher strand DNA activations leading to increased multi-dimensional awareness.

Alot of people are now waking up to the fact we are ruled by a very nasty group of satanic bloodlines who treat us simply as cattle to do with as they please.

What they fear above all else is a mass spiritual awakening, so to try and prevent this from happening the spray our skies with chemtrails, poison our water with fluoride, contaminate our food with chemicals, distort our food with GMO’s, keep our frequencies low with fear and despair, and hundreds of other methods too numerous to mention.

Their goal is to disconnect our multi-dimensional perception and awareness so that all we have left is our 5 senses. They control the media, entertainment etc so can easily use that to thier advantage to program into us the version of reality they want us to adopt. Most people are going through life asleep at the wheel and have no idea the reality they live in is nothing like what they are led to believe.

The Peodophile scandel to hit the UK parliament, and Queenies outstanding arrest warrent have led to the royal family rushing through new secrecy laws so no one can question them….

The establishment are desperately using the media to try and shift the blame for this paedophile network onto people who are dead like margaret thatcher, cyril smith, etc. This is so you dont question the ones who are living, as the trail leads to some very prominent people indeed (some with outstanding arrest warrents !)

These satanic illuminate groups who practice Peadophilia and sacrifice as normal practice operate behind a huge interconnected set of structures (police, courts, banks, media, military blah blah) that protect the high level people doing this. Only those people in key high positions within each structure know whats going on. The rank and file have no clue.

This system is being exposed as more people gain multi-dimensional perception and begin to see through the mental conditioning they are given from birth to make them good little unquestioning tax paying citizens.

This increasing exposure has the elite extremely concerned so they are now rushing through a new super snooping law in two days in the UK, which has bypassed completely the normal process, so they can spy on all citizens freely. This is so they can identify people or groups who threaten their control system so they can silence them.

The war in Israel and Gaza is the Elites last ditched attempt to create a world war 3 scenario which they’ve been trying for quite some time. Their corrupt financial system is basically dead in the water so thier belief is that a world war is the ideal opportunity to brush all that debt under the carpet, kill a huge number of people they dont want, create low vibrations of fear and death, and create a ton of cash in the process.

The freeman movement is also taking off, which is the con where you register a birth of a baby then that person becomes a corporation owned by the crown. They try to then convince you that your legal fictitious identity is really you, which in truth is not. Only through the creation of this legal fictitious identity can they take tax off you.

All in all, the Elite are shitting themselves and all these things happening now are evidence they are running scared of a mass spiritual awakening.

Regardless of what they do this will happen anyway, but thier twisted distorted machevelian narcissist consciousness will never accept defeat, so they continue on with thier agendas.

We have already won. They just need to get with reality and accept it. Thier time here is now limited and thier old tactics are increasingly becoming less effective the higher our planet’s frequency gets.

A big wake up call is coming for a lot of people very soon. Everything they try and do to prevent thier exposure just makes it worse.

The shift is upon us.

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