The Dark Agenda Of Synthetic Biology

Sofia Smallstorm gives a brilliant lecture on chemtrails and the Transhumanist agenda. She describes how cloud formations have radically changed since metals, fibres, blood cells and other materials have been sprayed into the atmosphere. She explains that our atmosphere is no longer neutral as it is supposed to be to support life and how all life forms are now absorbing and ingesting these materials. She speculates about the dark agenda of synthetic biology and how all life forms are now undergoing genetic changes because of the introduction of these particulates. She talks about how Morgellons disease is a bodily reaction in some people who can not readily accommodate these materials. We could be heading very quickly towards a world where people and indeed all life forms are designed to optimally perform certain tasks she claims, to the detriment of individuality and Mother Nature. She ends her lecture with a truly shocking video clip of a nano-technology scientist, claiming with breathtaking arrogance and ignorance, that God does not yet exist, but implies that it will be science that attributes evolution and intelligence to the universe.

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