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Everything In Society Serves the Elite.

According to the philosopher Alan Watt, every person, organisation, social activity and cultural movement of note, exists because the Illuminati Elite created it or control it for their own agendas. 

Here are some examples:

1. Free love and the Flower-Power revolution= to normalise promiscuity and to make long-term relationships unappealing and unworkable in line with the plan to destroy the family. This is necessary so that most people will be isolated come the planned martial law takeover.
2. Women’s Lib= to make women feel free to work and earn money to satisfy the then demand for increased labour requirements in the workplace.
3. Keeping certain drugs illegal= to keep the prices high so as to make the govt. more money out of the sale of street drugs, also out of those who are fined for their posession and out of those who are jailed for dealing.
4. Gangsts Rap= to glamorise guns and violence so as to criminalise mainly males of African origin and to make money out of their incarceration in private prisons.
5. Television= the flicker rate of TV induces an alpha wave hypnotic state in the viewer making general conversation and healthy debate obselete and virtually unachievable. TV programmes, both drama and factual, are used for mass thought control.
6. Celebrity= creating idols to act as role models for impressionable minds.
7. Mass immigration= to demoralise indiginous populations, to destabilise society and to dilute any sense of national identity.
8. Fast food and GMO’s= to have the masses become malnourished and obese. Unhealthy people tend to be unhappy and so make more money for the Elite via increased alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes and taking street drugs, along with pharmaceuticals for their many ailments. They also die younger.
9. Russell Brand= this celebrity has mass appeal and is busy making the notion of revolution popular and trendy. Despite being highly intelligent I have not heard him mention the name Rothschild once in any interview. This despite even a small amount of research into who controls the worlds money supply revealing this name as being a key player. He does allegedly associate with the said family however.
10. Sport= to sublimate aggressive urges and to act as a distraction from real issues and concerns.
11. The New Age Movement= to disseminate deceitful information via channelled messages from the likes of the Anunnaki groups ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’ and Archangel Michael and to harm people’s bio-energetics by having them practice techniques based on the fibbonnaci spiral, finite life Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life.
12. The Truth Movement= to disseminate a large amount of false and often contradictory information, making it very hard for people to discern fact and truth and to conduct psyops on that community. It is also a means of collecting information on individuals who can think independently.

There Ain’t No Justice…Just Us!

It’s only when a person has been subject to criminality by the State…like attempted abductions, gang-stalking and harassment, along with a serious psychiatric assault upon his partner and collusion in child kidnap for eg…and then that person seeks justice…because our society is based on good values, like social justice, individual rights, fairness and decency…right?….its only when that person seeks justice, that they quickly see that what they thought that their society stood for is, and always was, a charade.

All of the people that this person assumed would take an interest in his horror story, his MP, his GP, the Police, the Police Commissioner, Social Services, newspapers, govt. tribunals etc….all are deaf to his pleas, all cover each others backs, all complicit in the crimes. Some hint that they believe in his story, that they know the truth…but still they lack the courage to come out and say so officially. Instead, the ‘official’ line is that this person’s complaints are ‘fanciful’…and that he has a ‘paranoid personality disorder.’ 

Hence forth, it doesn’t matter what officialdom ACTUALLY says, all this person hears them say is, ” there ain’t no justice….just us.”

The People’s Voice Trembles.

Interestingly, I have just heard David Icke on TPV critisise Russell Brand, saying…that Brand talks about wanting an egalitarian society “and then goes back to the Savoy!”. He went on to say that no major media personality had donated significantly to TPV. I can imagine this being depressing for David, but the truth is that no one is obliged to donate to TPV as David seems to be suggesting. As important as TPV may be, there are countless other sources of alternative news and info. and TPV is not an alternative news monopoly, nor should be so arrogant as to expect donations from Russell Brand or anyone else.

David went on, in now embarrassing, histrionic fashion, to basically imply that, if TPV fails then the public are to blame. I have to say, that if TPV fails, then David will need to look a bit closer to home where blame is concerned. Had he dealt with Sonia Poulton‘s questions in a mature fashion without going into a rage and resorting to making disrespectful statements about Sonia, as well as slating the “Poulton Groupies” then I think he would now be sitting in a more confident and credible position.


The philosopher/anthropologist Allan Watt says that there is no such thing as a grass roots movement…that EVERYTHING (women’s lib, gangsta-rap, the New Age Movement, Russell Brand etc. etc.) comes from, is endorsed by, is usurped by…the Control System. This had me asking myself the question…then, how do we possibly beat the Control System….if the Control System errrm …controls EVERYTHING?. Answer…

“It’s no good getting angry and protesting against the Control System…all that does is give it energy…if you really want to beat the Control System, what you have to do…is to not take part in it.” Commonly Known As Dom.